Rehoused set of FF covering Canon FD´s.

Syndicate Easter Enterprise Rehoused Canon FD series.

We are happy to have this unique set of rehoused Canon FD´s. They are all cherrie picked out of the Canon FD line, all the best focal lengths, makes and versions of coating. 14mm, 24mm, 35mm, 55mm, 85mm, 135mm all in the best of PL mount re-housings from Estern Enterprises in Tokyo, a process that took more than 3 years to complete. They not only have very well built housings but also improved iris arrays with more blades than original and also improved focus range. Some of them to such extend that objects stay sharp until they touch the very front of the lens.

The wides are also modified to cover FF sensors sizes like Red Monstro 8k FF and Alexa LF open gate. Which is something that makes them even more special and leaves lenses like the Canon K35´s far behind.

This set simply is a great combination of high quality vintage glas with good looks, best quality housings, FF coverage, a good range of 6 focal lengths all with that unique 70´s radioactive look for FF formats, without compromising lens builds.

Atlas Orion 2x Anamorphics

These are the Orions from Atlas Lens Co. Optically they are extremely well balanced, not to much flare, not to soft, but still with nice looking blue streaking flairs, oval bokeh and falloff towards the edges. They are also really well built mechanically, all 3 have their focus and iris gear in the same size and distance from the mount and all share the same front diameter.

Below is some more text from the Atlas web page:

Orion Series lenses deliver the striking beauty of painterly waterfall bokeh, disproportionate breathing, and signature but controlled flare.  These optical characteristics are now available as with a mechanical functionality that is no compromise. 

Orion Series Anamorphic Lenses are built to be a universal filmmaking tool – ready for the latest Digital Cinema PL mount cameras like Arri Alexa or Red DSMC2, Canon Mount Cinema Cameras like the C300, or adapted Sony E Mount or Micro 4/3 cameras, and are even designed to accommodate the rotating mirror shutter of 35mm Motion Picture Film Cameras following Arri PL Flange requirements. Whether your project requires you to shoot digital or film, the 65mm T2 has the coverage you need and boasts a larger than S35mm Image Circle. (Alexa Open Gate full height Coverage) 

An Interchangeable Mount System means you can use Orion Series Anamorphic lenses on any PL Mount camera one day, and any compatible EF,  E-mount, or Micro 4/3 camera with appropriate adapters for your next shoot or second unit. Focus has a deep 270° travel rotation. Cine pitch 0.8 mod gearing on both iris and Focus ring are spaced to allow simultaneous drive control, even when two motors are mounted on the same side of the lens.