Axis – v1.0

Axis – v1.0

Axis v1.0 features:
– Red DSMC and DSMC2™ .R3D per frame metadata encoded into a pan, tilt roll, focus and zooming fbx 3D camera container.
– Our Axis 3D Open GL GUI in progress, early stuff but we think you will find it interesting.

Axis fbx camera export contains:
– Per frame Pan, tilt, roll, focus and FOV data.
– Option to alter FOV / fill in the blank for “none data passing lenses” before export.

Free download:
Your RED Camera does not only record picture and sound. Every r3d ever recorded from the RED epic and later models contains gyro data. Axis package that data for you in a fbx 3d camera container. Download Axis for free. (it´s limited until you get licensed, no export function). But works on both OSx and Windows.

Download, unzip. And this is important, take the axis icon, toss it in one of your r3d folders and click it… Viola, now you can strafe around in the Axis v1.0 virtual space and watch your r3d camera moves from any angle. Normal first response… jaw drop.

Purchase Axis v 1.0
Get licensed now. As an early adopter you get all future upgrades free of charge. This current version gives you the r3d raw gyro and focus camera data, which is handy to have . For example, you can use it to stabilize / smooth camera rotations. or Use the Fov data to get better 3D tracking results. i.e you can 3D track with a variable fov, etc.

Axis V1.0 is priced to get things rolling. See this somewhat as a kickstart campaign. If enough of you like it, we move forward with more features.

In the free version, first time you click export. You will get a prompt to email your mother board id (saved in your copy buffer) to When done the sending email address will be matched with axis paypal payments, if there is a match your motherboard will be “axis licensed” within 24 hours. So its important that you purchase axis with the same email as you send us your motherboard id.

Below is a quick tutorial, how to download and use Axis.