Syndicate RED Weapon FD Mount and lens set.

Syndicate RED Weapon FD Mount and lens set.

FD was the standard Canon mount prior to the EF series The build of these FD’s are fantastic much more rigid then todays EF lenses and they also got a much longer focus swing as they actually where built for manual focusing. The light weight and quality makes them absolutely superb for “run & gun” shooting. Now we a little collection all in mint condition and Ducluos in LA have fitted them with focus gears, same diameter front rings and nice engraved screw on lens caps. Included in the kit is also a variable ND that fits on all lenses which allows for a very small and quickly adjusted setup. The set is available for rent in a small pellicase together with a BMPCC with speed boosted FD mount and a RED Weapon / Epic FD mount.

FD caseFD Marbles

The image quality of these lenses do actually bypass even some the most pristine cine lenses when it comes to image qualities and possibly more important they cover FF sensors like the Weapon 8k.

FD infront of dragon 6k, full resolution frame.

Everything you need to know about FD lenses:

-Lightweight and compact.
-Many fast focal lengths are available.
-Metal housing.
-Offers a long focus swing since they’re not built as AF/EF lenses.
-Vistavision & full frame coverage.

The plan is to build a collection per this list:

FD Primes:
7.5mm f/5.6
14mm f2.4
15mm fisheye f 3.4
17mm f4.0
20mm f2.8
24mm f1.4
35mm f2
35 mm swing shift
50mm f1.2
85mm 1,2L
100mm f2
100mm Macro
135mm f2

200mm f2
200mm f4
300mm f1.8
400mm f2.8
500mm f6.5
FD Zooms:
20-35mm f/3.5L
28-50mm f/3.5
35-70mm f2.8
37-75mm f3.8
50-135mm f/3.5
75-200mm f3.8

The focal lengths in bold are on order – the rest we’ll pick up on Ebay…

Some quick test shots with the FD50mm f1.2 and the 35mm f2