SwissMilk – Mountain bike

SwissMilk – Mountain bike

Thank you SwissMilk, RufLantz and Onfilm for having us.

Early 2015 we got a request to participate in this project. We started with some tests and worked with the animatics etc. Then it was postponed. But early 2016 it came to life again. So during the rainiest period in Europe during the last 40 years or so we where down in the Swiss alps to shoot this film. To say the least, the weather brought on some challenges. We had a window of 10 shooting days but managed to get about one and a half with decent weather. Joakim Törnquist and Drone Jane did a great job together with Alec Eklöw (Björn´s bother in law) who was doing the stand in biking for the cow named Lovely, that where later added in post.

Swissmilk Mountain Bike 32s.

Swissmilk Mountain Bike Split Screen.

Early animatic.