Syndicate uses FLAME as the main compositing tool in combination with just about every compositing software worth mentioning. The Flame suite has a comfortable area for our clients and is equipped with a 52 inch flat screen for approvals. The FLAME workstation is connected to the Syndicate SAN fiber channel network so it allows for superb file transfer speeds and quick interaction with other workstations and servers. Syndicate is a small boutique so the rest of the VFX team is always close by for real time updates.


We believe that a small group of talented people in the right surroundings can do wonders. Syndicate has a rather small per capita compared to the competition, but we can proudly say that we have accomplished more than most in the field of 3D and visual effects. As we see it there is no way of creating photo realistic 3D without combining it with proprietary programming, top of the line compositing and especially in-camera effects. We are proud to have all these ingredients and an efficient team with the ability to master every step of the process. We love to bid against the giants to show we can deliver not only a better product but do it faster, more creatively and at a better price point. Challenge us on your next project.

Previsualizations and animatics

Online and effects is our thing. Experience has taught us that it’s best to begin collaborating at the earliest stages. Animated storyboards and 3D visualizations are imperative for technical process, but essentially makes the creative vision come to life. We love to get on board and use our resources during the pitch.

Red Epic, Motion Control and on-set consulting

While “everything can be fixed in post”, early intervention works best. We’re proactive and like to sort out issues prior to the shoot. Since 2003 we’ve provided Milo Motion control services world wide. Now we have a fully equipped RED Epic 5k digital film camera, a rare and in demand set of anamorphic HAWK-C prime lenses from Vantage Film, a smoke and RED Rocket in a flight case and everything else you’ll ever need for a VFX shoot. See our full inventory for details.

In-house development

Syndicate’s programming staff continually develops and refines their own proprietary software. This gives us a huge edge over many effects studios using on the shelf solutions. Sometimes the code is developed to handle a specific project, but we find it improves the creative work we do every day. We have a super quick pipeline for HDR files, advanced 3D lighting tools, panoramic image processing functions, particle animation controllers, the Milo motion control plug-in among many other tools. Our staff has been awarded several Cannes Gold Lions for flash and web programming as well as for IKEA, SAAB, Trygg Hansa – just to name a few.