Motion Control programing.

Motion Control programing.

We are exploring the possibility to control a industrial robot from within our VFX 3D software. The aim is to control real cameras to mimic the motions of their virtual counterparts. So called Camera Motion Control. To realize this goal we need to be able to solve some inverse kinematics problems to generate the necessary motor positions for the robot. We also need to get a good solve for communication between 3dsMAX and the Mitsubishi control Hardware. That includes learning and understanding the robot control software language and generating files with the appropriate command sequences.

The student would get full access to a 6-axis Mitsubishi RV-6 Industrial robot and the necessary computer and software to control it. We have centered our 3D content creation around Autodesks 3dsMAX so that would be the 3D software involved in this project. The student would work autonomously with this project but still receive the necessary guidance from our staff.

-The intern ship runs for 6 months and the person we are looking for should have good knowledge in C++ programing.

If we gain success with this project it will be our super fast, precise portable motion control option. And the solution will be marketed world wide trough out the VFX industry. The Internship will be held in the Syndicate creative office at Linnegatan 51 in Stockholm.

Syndicate Moco:
– 6 axes of freedom.
– Fastest robot in it’s class with composite speeds maxing at 9m/s. (only as fast as a moped, but with insane accelerations)
– Up to 6 kg camera weight, the system will be built around the Red Epic Dragon.
– Total weight including controller etc. is about 130 kg.
– Rotating joints and reduction gears are sealed, allowing just about any environmental condition.
– Multitasking capability to control additional axises, linear motors, turntables and other external devices.
– Impact Detection function, that minimize damage to peripheral items.
– Position restoration function for short startup times and quick adjustments.
– Maintenance Forecast function: Pre notifies when maintenance is needed.
– Fail safe brakes at all axes ensures that the robot stays in place when/if power is shut.

As far as we know, this the first RV-6S Robot in Stockholm. 

The RV-6S will be equipped with our Red epic Dragon 6k Cinema camera, lenses, etc.

This project will also intersect and compliment our work and projects with our larger Milo motion control rig.

Filmed before shipped:


Early testings In our reception:



Bellow you find some more specs for the Komodo.

RV-6S specsPastedGraphic-34 PastedGraphic-35 PastedGraphic-36