Mello 2016 Teaser

Mello 2016 Teaser

A “Set Extension schoolbook example” spiced with a limousine stretched to infinity…

Melodifestivalen 2016 Teaser.

Animatic & Behind the scenes.

Head Of Production: Anetka Benckert
Concept and Direction: SVT – Kim Pettersson
DoP: Joakim Thörnqvist
Light: Pontus Hellberg

Syndicate had the honour to produce this little teaser for SVT “Melodifestivalen 2016” which is the nomination show where the Swede´s pick their contender for the annual Eurovision Song Contest. Most of Europe do not care much about this event, but in Sweden this is not a small deal. And yes, we won both 2012 and 2015. So the 2016 Euro event will take place in the Stockholm Globe arena, however this teaser was not shot in the Globe, Instead we went right to the target group and filmed outside their homes out on Lidingö. (a suburb outside Stockholm). And as you might be able to spot in the BTS there where no long limousine and further more it did not have any sunroofs. 🙂

Big thanks goes to Ljud & Bild Media AB and Nikolaj Alsterdal that came and saved our sorry asses with the Technocrane as our Milo kind of froze up and just did not want to play ball (at all) in the sub zero temperatures. (We had a really warm fall but of course this night turned out to be the coldest night before christmas). Another big thanks to LocationTruck, without your service I think the extras would have turned to Ice popsicles… Need new wrapping of the truck should say “Survival” instead of “Location” on it.