Gröna Lund – Built with love

Gröna Lund – Built with love


Navid Safiyari and Johanna Törnblom from Parks and Resorts marketing department came to us with this project in the late fall. They went down to Hungary and shot a beautiful Techno crane take of the lovely couple in a set built for the soon to be released feature revolving the story how Gröna Lund came together. The feature is directed by Måns Mårlin and Björn Stein and this commercial is a spin off on the true story how the amusement park Gröna Lund is built on the love between the kids of two rivaling families that where both running amusement parks on the Royal Djurgården back in the days. Love made them merge and that´s how the park came together.

Any how, our task was to some how stich the techno crane take from the retro looking set, of the Gröna Lund entrance, together with the real Gröna Lund, as it is today.

A whirlwind sort of effect was requested, something that would show the time past and a build up of all the new attractions at the park.

It was not obvious at first but the idea grew that we would try to make it into a one take. Starting in a backlot in Hungary and ending in a drone take above Skepsholmen.

Well, that proved to be easer said than done as the season was already late. But the park had one more day open during halloween. Weather was bad but we managed to get one usable drone take. Shot by drone pilot Janne Jansson on his inspire II. Still we could not fly close to the park, only above water as we could not risk the public that where occupying the park.

So to compliment the Inspire take that started above water and backed out. We got access to the park when it was closed for the season and shot complimentary plates. This was done in a bit of stress, also in shit weather and it actually started to snow while doing it. Iphones, DSL:r´s and DJI Spark was used to harvest atleast some info to build a point cloud. Even google maps came to use. All to suport a image based model of the park where the camera backs out from the Hungary set.

Then to make a good stich we added a lot of pure CG elements and also a bunch of CG people, to fill the empty CG model.

All in all a great project. Very happy that Navid and Johanna had confidence to just let us work and go for this. Which in many ways, totally insane approach… 🙂

The film was shot on Alexa/hawks, DJI spark, iPhones, google maps, Inspire 2. (in that order of apperance).

Music by: ImAlec.
Sound design by: ImAlec and Redpipe sound design.
Grade: Edward Negusse