David Bowie ★ Black Star

David Bowie ★ Black Star

Director: Johan Renck
Producer: Svana Gisladottir
DP: Darren Lew and Crille Forsberg
Grade: Ola Bäccman


Pitchfork article about the video

David Bowie is preparing to release new album ★ (pronounced Blackstar) on January 8 2016. Ahead of the record, he’s shared this video for its title track directed by Breaking Bad director Johan Renck. The video begins in space and gets crazy. There’s a dead astronaut, a woman with a tail, Bowie singing with his eyes covered up, creepy children, solar eclipses, living scarecrows, and more.

So at Syndicate we had the honor to do the online and VFX work for one of our childhood Icons thanks to Renck who brought this spectacle to us. The tune is also the theme song for the Renck directed HBO Mini Series “The Last Panters“.

We can not to think of a better way to finish 2015. A pretty lousy year this was, so hopefully this Black Star will lead us into prosperous 2016, filled with cool projects for us to thrive in.

Huge thanks goes to Johan and Svana and not the least Mr Rock Icon of all time Bowie for having us.

RymdenSome of our task was to do CG set extensions and enhance the theater inspired sets, adding a girl tail and bring power to a skull among some other things.Bowie Skulltempel of doomStar PriestScare Crow