Thank you for your purchase

Please follow these instructions to get your AXIS license and use it without restrictions on you OS-X or WINDOWS computer as soon as possible: 

1. If you are not already runnig AXIS on your computer, download it here.

2. Place Axis in a r3d folder, Run AXIS in and click the “Setup” button. 

3. In the Setup panel click “Activate”. This will produce your unique hardware ID, in the form EGQRUZZWYQWTIOWROTSQ16. 

4. This ID is now stored in your copy buffer so quit AXIS and paste that code (Control-V or Cmd+V) in an email to and make sure to use the same e-mail as when doing your pay-pal purchase. 

Your license will be produced and you will get a confirmation email that your license is ready. Please allow a maximum of 24 hours processing time. Notice that you are required to have an internet connection to run AXIS.